Important Questions for B Pharmacy 1st Semester HAP (Human Anatomy & Physiology I)

In the four-year program of B. Pharmacy, the paper of Human Anatomy and Physiology is taught in two parts, the first part in the first semester and the second part in the second semester. In the first semester, the paper deals with 5 units where we study our human body systems and mechanisms in detail. Let’s discuss the Semester 1 important Questions of B Pharmacy for Human Anatomy and Physiology in the further section of the article.

HAP Important Questions for B Pharma Semester 1, Important Questions for B Pharmacy 1st Semester HAP (Human Anatomy and Physiology I)
Important Questions for B Pharmacy 1st Semester HAP (Human Anatomy and Physiology I)

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Human Anatomy and Physiology Important Questions for B Pharmacy 1st Semester 2023

Here, in this section, we have mentioned the B Pharmacy Semester 1 Important Questions of the subject of Human Anatomy and Physiology, divided according to the units of the subject as per the latest syllabus prescribed by the Board.

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HAP Unit – I : Intro to Human Body and Cellular & Tissue Level of Organization

  • Question 01: Define a Cell with its parts in detail with the help of a diagram.
    OR, Draw a well-labeled diagram of a Cell showing its cell organelles and also write their functions.
    OR, Write short notes on the following –
    • Cell membrane (Plasma membrane)
    • Nucleus
    • Mitochondria
  • Question 02: Define tissue and its type in detail.
    OR, Explain the structure, location and function of different types of Epithelial tissue/Nervous tissue.
  • Question 03: What is Cell division and its types? [Mitosis and Meiosis Cell]
  • Question 04: What are different Cell Junctions? Explain.
  • Question 05: What is Cell Cycle? [Write in detail]
  • Question 06: Explain Cell Signaling.
  • Question 07:  What is Homeostasis? Explain its feedback mechanism

HAP Unit – II : Skeletal & Integumentary Systems and Joints

  • Question 01: Write in detail about the structure and functions of the skin.
  • Question 02: Explain the physiology of muscle contraction.
  • Question 03: Write a note on different types of Joints
  • Question 04: Write in detail about Synovial joints and their functions with the help of a diagram.
  • Question 05: Write features and functions of bones of axial and appendicular skeletal systems.

HAP Unit – III : Body Fluids, Blood and Lymphatic System

  • Question 01: Write about the composition and functions of blood.
  • Question 02: Write about Coagulation of blood / Blood Clotting.
  • Question 03: Explain the process of Hemoglobin formation.
  • Question 04: Write a note on Anemia and its types.
  • Question 05: Explain Lymphatic System.
  • Question 06: Discuss the Blood Group System.

HAP Unit – VI : Peripheral Nervous System & Special Senses

  • Question 01: Differentiate between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
    OR, Write a note on the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems.
  • Question 02: What is Spinal Nerve? Write their names with functions.
  • Question 03: What are Cranial nerves? Write their names with functions.
  • Question 04: Draw a labeled diagram and explain the structure & functions of Nose.
  • Question 05: Draw a well well-labeled diagram of Eye/Ear/Tongue and write functions.

HAP Unit – V : Cardiovascular System

  • Question 01: Explain the anatomy and physiology of the Heart.
    OR, Explain about Blood Circulation of the Heart with the help of a diagram and conduction system.
  • Question 02: Explain the regulation of Blood Pressure.
  • Question 03: Write a note on ECG with a diagram and its parts.
  • Question 04: Write about the structures and functions of blood vessels.
  • Question 05: Write a short note on the Cardiac Cycle

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