Do I need Coaching to get in NIPER 2024?

I have mentored around more than 1500 students who are preparing for GPAT, NIPER and other Central & State level pharmacy exams. In my 3-4 years of teaching experience, this is the highly asked as well as most confusing question in a Pharmacy student’s mind of opting a coaching for NIPER preparation. So Today, I am gonna clear the confusion with the help of this post giving you a perfect perspective.

Do i need Coaching to get in NIPER? Niper 2024, Niper Jee 2024
Do I need Coaching to get in NIPER 2024?

Is Coaching Needed To Get In NIPER?

Firstly i will make you clear that answering this question is not simple and straightforward since every students is different with their different capability and their level of understanding of the concepts.

Basically it depends on the student. I am considering two major situation on the basis of which you can judge in which you fall and can act accordingly to join a coaching or not. So, in my experience there are majorly 3-4 kinds of students :-

1. The first kind of student, who are very good at memorizing long theoretical as well as mathematical based answers or sometimes the whole chapters quickly and write without having any issues during the exam, in his/her college period. But they are not good at remembering important points or notice the high yield points for MCQ based exams that result into frequent basic mistakes. They perform poorly in MCQ-based exams or sometimes even don’t qualify in exam.

2. The second kind of student who are opposite of first kind, poor in writing long answers or memorizing whole chapters but good at MCQ based exams. They will easily qualify this type of exams.

However, these habits are not permanent, they can be changed or developed with practice and proper training/guidance.

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3. Some students like to study alone and are able to achieve high ranks in the exam while self-studying. These types of students are self-motivated and effective planners and if you fall in this category and have studied well during the pharmacy course and have a good learning mindset then you don’t necessarily needed to join a coaching and can prepare well with the free sources available on youtube or on our website.

4. While there are some who maximum output come when they study in competitive groups/environments such as classes in coaching centers. These types of students feel motivated by their teachers or seeing other students and a competitive environment is another motivating factor for them.

They need motivation each time on a regular basis from their teachers or seeing other students. They keep improving themselves by learning from other students ways of studying or their teachers suggestions (in the online or offline coaching).

So if you are one who work harder seeing your accompanying guys getting ahead of you then my strong recommendation is that you must join a offline coaching, it will definitely boost your level of preparation.

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Personal Suggestion:-

At last other then those perspective keep in mind that, If you don’t have any guidance from your seniors or a person who has passed NIPER/GPAT exam, then you need to join a good coaching for a while to get a complete understanding of the exam.

But, remember, if you have already qualified GPAT then it is not very difficult to qualify the NIPER JEE exam. You just need to understand the latest trend of the exam where previous year papers are the best and solve mocks on a regular basis in the actual exam format. Because the main content you have already studied before in your GPAT exam preparation. So, revise and practice as much as you can.

Hope, this article will be able to clear your confusion. Share this post with friends and check out the complete website for free content available here for your Pharmacy exams. Thank You!

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