D Pharmacy Previous year question Papers with Answers PDF

If you are looking for D pharmacy 1st year question paper pdf or D pharmacy 2nd year solved question paper, then in this post you will get all the subject previous year question paper of D pharm course of various colleges all over India.

The previous year question paper give you allot of ideas regarding the important questions are areas of the subject. It also helps to guess the question which have a higher probability of coming in the exam. So, what are you waiting for access now the pdf of previous year question paper with solution of D Pharm 1st and 2nd year of all the major subject from below for free of around past 5 years.

D Pharmacy Previous year question Papers with Answers

The major paper in the D pharm 1st and 2nd year are health education and community pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy etc. Below we have arrange the 1st year and 2nd year question paper separetely in paper-wise and year-wise manner so that it would be easier for you guys to access and download.

D Pharmacy 1st Year Question Paper Solved PDF:

The D pharm 1st year question paper are based on PCI syllabus which make it applicable to all the D pharmacy student irrespective of which college they study. Easily use this question paper to prepare well for your exam and score good marks. We have tried to provide past 5 year question paper of all the subject which you can download from the table below of different year.

In the Below table you will get the D pharm 2022 Previous year question paper.

Paper Name (2022)Download link
Pharmaceutics 1 Download
Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1 Download
Pharmacognosy Download
Human Anatomy and Physiology Download
Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology Download
Social Pharmacy Download

In the below table you can download 2019 previous year question paper of D pharm 1st year:

Paper Name (2019)Download link
Pharmaceutics 1Click here
Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1Click here
PharmacognosyClick here
Human Anatomy and PhysiologyClick here
Biochemistry and Clinical PathologyClick here
Social PharmacyClick here

More year D pharm question paper will be added soon based on your demands.

D Pharmacy 2nd year question paper pdf:

From this section of the post you can download the 2nd year or you can say last year D pharmacy question paper pdf. The 2nd year of D pharm also consist of 6 papers and individual question paper of each is provided. These question are also based on PCI syllabus make it applicable to all the pharmacy colleges of India. Download the past year question paper and boost your marks now!

D pharmacy 2nd year question paper 2022 pdf:

Paper-wise previous year paper of D pharm 2022 is provided below in PDF format.

Subject NameLink
Pharmaceutics 2Download Here
Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2Download Here
Pharmacology and ToxicologyDownload Here
Pharmaceutical JurisprudenceDownload Here
Drug Store and Business ManagementDownload Here
Hospital and Clinical PharmacyDownload Here

D Pharmacy 2nd year 2020 question paper pdf:

Subject NameLink
Pharmaceutics 2click Here
Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2click Here
Pharmacology and Toxicologyclick Here
Pharmaceutical Jurisprudenceclick Here
Drug Store and Business Managementclick Here
Hospital and Clinical Pharmacyclick Here

D Pharm 2nd year question paper 2019 pdf:

Subject NameLink
Pharmaceutics 2Here
Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2Here
Pharmacology and ToxicologyHere
Pharmaceutical JurisprudenceHere
Drug Store and Business ManagementHere
Hospital and Clinical PharmacyHere

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How to prepare for D Pharmacy 1st year?

If you are doing D Pharmacy and confused how to pass D pharm exam or how to prepare for it. what to study, from where to start then I have amazing tips for you.

To prepare well or pass any exam the best strategy is first look at the syllabus thoroughly, once you are aware about the complete syllabus now its time to know what to study and from where to start. To known that the best thing is to check the previous year question paper which give you amazing insight regarding what are the most important areas of the syllabus. The areas which are the most important are the place from where you to need to start your preparation especially if you have less time.
Now, to prepare well just go through the book or notes whatever you have to make your topics or concept stronger and clear. Once you have understood the concept then practice question from previous year d pharm question or exercise problems to test yourself.

Wrap up:

The D pharmacy previous year question paper pdf is the amazing resource to do preparation of the exam. The question is itself more then you think for the preparation. More year previous year question paper pdf of 1st and 2nd year of D pharm will be added in the post based on your demand which you can raise by commenting below. If it is helpful then don’t forget to share with your friends. Thanks for reading and all the best for your exams.

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  1. I need previous 5 years of solved question papers of D.pharmacy 2nd year of karnataka board
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    1st year – Human anatomy and physiology

  2. can you provide d pharmacy 2 nd year latest question paper of both regular and supply for andhra pradesh, er 2020 syllabus?


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