B.Sc Agriculture Notes PDF Free Download 2024

While doing the Bachelors in Agriculture which is a four-year and eight-semester undergraduate degree focuses on agricultural scientific research and activities, Their is always a need of quality notes to perform better in final exam and focus more on practical assignments.

When I was in my college I get to know about how important are the notes during the exam time, So understanding all the requirement what are major things that are needed to be in the notes, I have made this post.

B.Sc Agriculture Notes PDF Free Download 2024,
B.Sc Agriculture Notes PDF Free Download 2024

I won’t say these are the best notes but definitely they are very helpful in the preparing my own notes and in the final moments during the exam to score better marks.

Notes, especially handwritten notes are the best to quickly memorize the concept in a shorter duration of time as many back benchers look for. So, If you are looking for the B.Sc agriculture notes pdf semester wise then go below and download the notes of the paper which you are looking for.

All the notes is divided into yearly basis followed by semester wise and paper wise to make to easy for you guys and the link are provided through google drive to make it easier to download as well.

BSc Agriculture 1st Year Notes PDF

BSc Agriculture 1st Semester Notes PDF

S. No.PapersLinkDownload File
01.Introductory to Agronomy[Active]View PDF
02.Fundamentals of Genetics[Active]View PDF
03.Fundamentals of Soil Science[Active]View PDF
04.Fundamentals of Horticulture[Active]View PDF
05.Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology[Active]View PDF
06.Introduction to Forestry[Active]View PDF
07.Fundamentals of Crop Physiology[Active]View PDF
08.Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics[Active]View PDF
09.Comprehension & Communication Skills in English[Active]View PDF
10.Agricultural Heritage*[Active]View PDF
11.Introductory Biology*[Active]View PDF
12.Elementary Mathematics*[Active]View PDF
13.Human Values & Ethics (non-gradial)[Active]View PDF

BSc Agriculture 2nd Semester Notes PDF

S. No.PapersLinkDownload File
 01.Fundamentals of Plant Breeding [Active]View PDF
 02.Agricultural Microbiology [Active]View PDF
 03.Soil and Water Conservation Engineering [Active]View PDF
 04.Fundamentals of Plant Pathology [Active]View PDF
 05.Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education [Active]View PDF
 06.Fundamentals of Entomology [Active]View PDF
 07.Fundamentals of Plant Biochemistry [Active]View PDF
 08.Weed Management [Active]View PDF

BSc Agriculture 2nd Year Notes PDF

BSc Agriculture 3rd Semester Notes PDF

S. No.PapersLinkDownload File
01.Crop Production Technology – I (Kharif crops) [Active]View PDF
 02.Agri-informatics and Computer Application [Active]View PDF
 03.Fundamentals of Plant Biotechnology [Active]View PDF
 04.Farm Machinery and Power [Active]View PDF
 05.Agricultural Finance and Cooperation [Active]View PDF
 06.Production Technology for Vegetables and Spices [Active]View PDF
 07.Fundamentals of Statistical Methods [Active]View PDF
 08.Environmental Studies & Disaster Management [Active]View PDF
 09.Livestock and Poultry Management – I [Active]View PDF

BSc Agriculture 4th Semester Notes PDF

S. No.PapersLinkDownload File
01.Crop Production Technology – II (Rabi crops) [Active]View PDF
02.Production Technology for Fruit and Plantation Crops [Active]View PDF
03.Principles of Seed Technology [Active]View PDF
04.Problematic Soils and their Management [Active]View PDF
05.Renewable Energy and Green Technology [Active]View PDF
06.Production Technology for Ornamental Crops, MAP, & Landscaping [Active]View PDF
07.Entrepreneurship Development and Business, Communication [Active]View PDF
08.Introductory Agro-meteorology & Climate Change [Active]View PDF
09.Farming System & Sustainable Agriculture [Active]View PDF
10.Agricultural Marketing Trade & Prices [Active]View PDF

BSc Agriculture 3rd Year Notes PDF

BSc Agriculture 5th Semester Notes PDF

S. No.PapersLinkDownload File
 01.Livestock and Poultry Management – II[Active] View PDF
 02.Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management [Active]View PDF
 03.Crop Improvement -I (Kharif crops) [Active]View PDF
 04.Pests of Crops and Stored Grain and their Management [Active]View PDF
 05.Geoinformatics and Nano-Technology and Precision Farming [Active]View PDF
 06.Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops and their Management – I [Active]View PDF
 07.Entrepreneurship Development and Business Communication [Active]View PDF
 08.Intellectual Property Rights [Active]View PDF
 09.Principles of Organic Farming [Active]View PDF

BSc Agriculture 6th Semester Notes PDF

S. No.PapersLinkDownload File
01. Rainfed Agriculture & Watershed Management[Active] View PDF
02.Crop Improvement-II (Rabi crops)[Active]View PDF
03.Protected Cultivation and Secondary Agriculture[Active]View PDF
04.Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops & their Management – II[Active]View PDF
05.Post-harvest Management & Value Addition of Fruits & Vegetables[Active]View PDF
06.Management of Beneficial Insects[Active]View PDF
07.Farm Management, Production & Resource Economics[Active]View PDF
08.Principles of Food Science and Nutrition[Active]View PDF
09.Principles of Integrated Pest and Disease Management[Active]View PDF

BSc Agriculture 4th Year Notes

BSc Agriculture 7th Semester Notes PDF

S. No.PapersLinkDownload File
01.General orientation and on-campus training by different faculties [Inactive]View PDF
 02.Project Report Preparation, Presentation, and Evaluation [Inactive]View PDF

BSc Agriculture 8th Semester Notes PDF

S. No.PapersLinkDownload File
01.Production Technology for Bioagents and Biofertilizer [Active]View PDF
 02.Seed Production and Technology [Active]View PDF
 03.Mushroom Cultivation Technology [Active]View PDF
 04.Soil, Plant, Water, and Seed Testing [Active]View PDF
 05.Commercial Beekeeping [Active]View PDF

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If you are searching for notes pdf then i don’t think i need to till you about the importance of it. But keep in mind that the notes you prepare yourself by using the help of various study materials which includes book, notes from internet etc are far more better then the any other which are available on the internet or provided by coaching institute etc.

I hope you are able to download but in case you face any issue or have any demand then comment below so that we can give our attention toward it. Thanks for reading and all the best for your exam, Also Don’t forget to check our website for more study materials.

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