B.Sc Agriculture Model Answer Paper PDF Download 2024

In this post, I have provided B.Sc agriculture Model Answer Paper/Sheet pdf semester wise to download. The model question paper with answer is amazing study material to understand the way questions are asked in the examination.

The model paper are of the end semester of the BSC agriculture course. This are collected from a reputed college to help you guys in the preparation of your exam.

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B.Sc Agriculture Model Answer Sheet PDF Download 2024

The Papers pdf are very well represented in a table to give you a hustle free navigation for downloading the pdf. I have provided the Pdf in semester wise and course wise to make it easier for you guys to understand. Also in the table the paper name and code is provided to help you to known what you will get in the pdf.

The paper are of 2017-18 session of MAEU Board, Pune which are still relevant to the students of other colleges who are pursuing the B.Sc Agriculture. You can check yourself by downloading them from below and I known it will help you.


A) Core Course

CodePaperModel Answer Sheet
AGRO 111 Fundamentals of Agronomy-I  MODEL ANS (2017-18)
MODEL ANS (2018-19)
AGRO 112 Introductory Agro-meteorology and Climate ChangeMODEL ANS (2017-18)
AHDS 111 Livestock Production & Management  MODEL ANS (2017-18)
EXTN 111 Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology To be Updated Soon…
HORT 111 Fundamentals of Horticulture  MODEL ANS (2017-18)
LANG 111 Comprehension & Communication Skills in EnglishMODEL ANS (2017-18)
MIBO 111Introductory Microbiology  MODEL ANS (2018-19)
SSAC 111Fundamentals of Soil Science MODEL ANS (2017-18)
MODEL ANS (2018-19)

B) Remedial Courses

CodePaperModel Answer Sheet
AGRO 111 Agricultural HeritageMODEL ANS (2017-18)
BIO 111Introductory biology  MODEL ANS (2017-18)
MATH 111Elementary Mathematics  MODEL ANS 17-18
MODEL ANS (2017-19)(OLD)
MODEL ANS (2016-17)

C) Non-Gradial Courses 

CodePaperModel Answer Sheet
HVE 111 Human Values & Ethics MODEL ANS (2018-19)
DEG 111 Democracy, Elections, and Good GovernanceTo be Updated Soon…


A) Core Course

CodePaperModel Answer Sheet
AGRO 123 Fundamentals of Agronomy-IITo be Updated Soon…
BOT 121Fundamentals of Crop PhysiologyTo be Updated Soon…
ECON 121 Fundamentals of Agricultural EconomicsTo be Updated Soon…
ENGG 121Soil and Water Conservation Engineering To be Updated Soon…
ENTO-121Fundamentals of EntomologyMODEL ANS (2017-18)
EXTN 122 Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension
MODEL ANS (2017-18)
GPB 121Fundamentals of Genetics MODEL ANS (2018-19)
PATH 121 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology MODEL ANS (2017-18)

B) Remedial Courses

CodePaperModel Answer Sheet
FRST 121Introduction to ForestryMODEL ANS (2017-18)

C) Common Course 

CodePaperModel Answer Sheet
EXTN 123Communication Skills and Personality DevelopmentsMODEL ANS (2017-18)


A) Core Course

CodePaperModel Answer Sheet
AGRO234Crop Production Technology-I (Kharif crops)To be Updated Soon…
AGRO 235Rainfed Agriculture & Watershed ManagementTo be Updated Soon…
BIOCHEM 231Fundamentals of plant biochemistry & biotechnologyTo be Updated Soon…
ENGG 232Farm Machinery and PowerTo be Updated Soon…
ENTO 232Insect Ecology and Integrated Pest ManagementTo be Updated Soon…
GPB 232Fundamentals of Plant BreedingTo be Updated Soon…
HORT 232Production Technology for Vegetables and SpicesTo be Updated Soon…
PATH 232Principles of Integrated Disease ManagementTo be Updated Soon…
STAT 231Statistical MethodsTo be Updated Soon…

B) Common Courses 

CodePaperModel Answer Sheet
COMP 231Agri- InformaticsTo be Updated Soon…
ESDM-231Environmental studies and disaster managementTo be Updated Soon…


A) Core Course

CodePaperModel Answer Sheet
AGRO246Crop Production Technology-II (Rabi crops)MODEL ANS (2018-19)
AGRO 247Farming System and Sustainable Agriculture MODEL ANS (2018-19)
AGRO 248Principles of Organic Farming MODEL ANS (2018-19)
AHDS 242Livestock Breeding and NutritionMODEL ANS (2018-19)
ECON 242Agriculture Finance and CooperationMODEL ANS (2018-19)
ENGG 243Renewable Energy and Green Technology MODEL ANS (2018-19)
ENTO 243Pest of Horticultural Crops & their ManagementMODEL ANS (2018-19)
GPB 243Principles of Seed Technology MODEL ANS (2018-19)
HORT 243Production Technology for Fruit and
Plantation Crops
MODEL ANS (2018-19)
SSAC 242Problematic Soils and their Management MODEL ANS (2018-19)

B) Elective Courses 

CodePaperModel Answer Sheet
ELE BOT 242Micropropagation Technologies MODEL ANS (2018-19)
ELE EXTN 244Agricultural JournalismMODEL ANS (2018-19)
ELE GPB 244Commercial Plant breedingMODEL ANS (2018-19)
ELE PATH 243Bio-fertilizers, Bio-control Agents & BiopesticidesMODEL ANS (2018-19)


A) Core Course

CodePaperModel Answer Sheet
AGRO359 Practical Crop Production-I (Kharif crops)To be Updated Soon…
AHDS 353 Technology of Milk and Milk Products.To be Updated Soon…
BOT 353Intellectual Property RightsTo be Updated Soon…
ECON 353Agricultural Marketing Trade and PricesTo be Updated Soon…
ENTO 354Pests of Crops and Stored Grain and their Management- ITo be Updated Soon…
GPB 355Crop Improvement – I (Kharif Crops)To be Updated Soon…
HORT 354Production Technology for Ornamental Crops, MAP, and LandscapingTo be Updated Soon…
PATH 354Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops and their ManagementTo be Updated Soon…
SSAC 353 Manures, Fertilizers and Soil Fertility ManagementTo be Updated Soon…
EXTN 355Entrepreneurship Development and Business CommunicationTo be Updated Soon…

B) Elective Courses 

CodePaperModel Answer Sheet
ELE ECON 354Agribusiness ManagementTo be Updated Soon…
ELE FST 351Food Safety and StandardsTo be Updated Soon…

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