B.Sc Agriculture Practical Manual PDF Download 2024

When I was in my Bsc Agriculture course then I always look for lab manual to write my practical of the semesters. While searching on the internet it is always a difficult task to get the right pratical pdf for a particular sem.

Based upon my experience, I have complied here most of the experiment of all the semester of B.Sc agriculture course. Which anyone can download from this article semester wise easily.

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B.Sc Agriculture Practical Manual PDF Download 2024

Along with lab manual we also have multiple other materials related to BSc agriculture which one can look and get the benefits of from our site accessible from pharmastudyaid.com. You just need to go to the menu and choose B.sc Agriculture to view all the materials of this course.

B.Sc Agriculture Practical Manual PDF Semester-Wise:

From below you can download the individual experiment one needed in their each semester of Bsc agriculture. I have provided in a format so that it would be easier for you to understand and download. Followed by download link I have also mentioned the topic of the practical so that you can get to know about what you get in the pdf.

Within each semester I have also divided into three different course based upon which can easily navigate to the exact stuff you are looking for. Further, there are some link which are not added yet but our team is working on it to add the link as soon as possible which you can also make faster by commenting below to show the urgency.

Semester 1

A) Core Course

  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [AGRO 111] Fundamentals of Agronomy-I  
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [AGRO 112] Introductory Agro-meteorology and Climate change
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [AHDS 111] Livestock Production & Management  
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [EXTN 111] Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology  
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [HORT 111] Fundamentals of Horticulture  
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [LANG 111] Comprehension & Communication Skills in English
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [MIBO 111] Introductory Microbiology 
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [SSAC 111] Fundamentals of Soil Science  

B) Remedial Courses 

  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [BIO 111] Introductory biology 
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [MATH 111] Elementary Mathematics 

Semester 2

A) Core Course

  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [AGRO 123] Fundamentals of Agronomy-II
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [BOT 121] Fundamentals of Crop Physiology  
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ECON 121] Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ENGG 121] Soil and Water Conservation Engineering  
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ENTO-121] Fundamentals of Entomology  
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [EXTN 122] Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education 
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [GPB 121] Fundamentals of Genetics 
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [PATH 121] Fundamentals of Plant Pathology 

B) Non-Gradial course

  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [FRST 121] Introduction to Forestry  

C) Common Course

Semester 3

A) Core Course

B) Common Course

Semester 4

A) Core Course

  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [AGRO246] Crop Production Technology-II (Rabi crops)
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [AGRO 247] Farming System and Sustainable Agriculture 
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [AGRO 248] Principles of Organic Farming 
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [AHDS 242] Livestock Breeding and Nutrition
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ECON 242] Agriculture Finance and Cooperation
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ENGG 243] Renewable Energy and Green Technology 
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ENTO 243] Pest of Horticultural Crops and their Management
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [GPB 243] Principles of Seed Technology 
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [HORT 243] Production Technology for Fruit and Plantation Crops
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [SSAC 242 Problematic Soils and their Management 

B) Elective Courses (3 credits)

  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ELE BOT 242] Micropropagation Technologies 
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ELE EXTN 244] Agricultural Journalism
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ELE GPB 244] Commercial Plant breeding
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ELE PATH 243] Bio-fertilizers, Bio-control Agents and Biopesticides

Semester 5

A) Core Course

B) Elective Courses

Semester 6

A) Core Course

  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [AGRO 3611] Practical Crop Production-II(Rabi crops)  
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [AGRO 3612] Geo-informatics and Nano-technology and Precision Farming
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [AHDS 364] Sheep Goat and Poultry Production  
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ECON 365] Farm Management, Production and Resource Economics
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ENGG 364] Protected Cultivation and Secondary Agriculture
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ENTO 365] Management of Beneficial Insects  
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [FST 362] Principles of Food Science and Nutrition  
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [GPB 366] Crop Improvement ā€“ II (Rabi crops) 
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [HORT 366] Post-harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetables
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [PATH 365] Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops and their Management-II

B) Elective Courses

  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ELE AGM 361] System Stimulation and Agro-advisory 
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ELE HORT 368] Hi-tech Horticulture  
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ELE HORTI 367] Landscaping  
  • šŸ“„Download PDF : [ELE SSAC 364] Agrochemicals

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Wrap up:

I hope this article help you getting the practical manual you are looking for your semester. We are working hard to add all the links soon, till then share this with your friends so that they can also get the benefits of this.

Practicals are not needed to be copied completely from the manual but needed to be altered a bit to look unique and done by you. So, try to do that to increase a chance of scoring better. Thanks for reading.

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