B pharmacy Remedial Mathematics Notes pdf Download

If you are B pharm student and looking for remedial mathematics notes pdf then this article is for you. In today’s article, we have provided the B pharm remedial mathematics notes pdf which is needed by the 1st year students.

We have provided the complete remedial mathematics notes which one can use to score good marks in their class test or exam. These notes are prepared by an expert professor based on the B.pharm syllabus which ensures that it is 100% relevant to the latest syllabus and exam pattern. This notes is helpful for all college students.

B pharmacy Remedial Mathematics Notes pdf Download
B pharmacy Remedial Mathematics Notes

B Pharm 1st year remedial mathematics syllabus:

Before moving to the notes pdf, let’s discuss the syllabus of remedial mathematics we have covered through the notes so that you can verify that it follows your respective college syllabus or not, which make you clear to use it or not.

The B pharm remedial mathematics syllabus is covered in major 5 units which is further divided into chapters and topics. In the table below we have properly represented the complete syllabus of the notes we have covered, however, we have made the table using the chapter’s name and the topic covered within it not the unit name in the notes pdfs.

Chapters NameTopic cover
Partial Fraction NotesPartial fractions, Rational fractions, Proper fractions, Improper fractions, Polynomials, Process of the finding of partial fraction, example problems, exercise with solution.
LogarithmIntroduction of logarithm explained with proper examples, logarithms properties, example problems, exercise with solution.
FunctionsFacts, Examples, The 1st derivation test, Examples from Economics, Lecture note on integration, The fundamentals of a theorem of calculus.
Limits and ContinuityProperties of Elements, Cramer’s Rule, Exercise, Short question with answer, MCQ exercise.
MatricesMatrix, Order of a Matrix, type of matrix, Particular case of the square of the matrix, Operation on matrices, exercise, The determinants of matrices, Minor and Co-factor of elements.
DeterminantsCartesian products of two sets, Relation and Function, Domain, Range of function and co-domain, various types of function, functions algebraic operation, function Classification, the Basic transformation of graphs, Composite of uniformly defined function, Bounded of function, Inverse of a function, Odd and even function, Periodic function.
DifferentiationProperties of Elements, Cramer’s Rule, Exercise, Short question with answer, MCQ exercise.
Analytical GeometryLines, Exercise, Distance between two points: circles, Function, Shifts and Dilations, and their exercise.
Straight LinesBasic theorem & results of triangles, Introduction of coordinate geometry, cartesian coordinates system, Polar coordinate system, Distance formula & its application, Section formula, Area of triangle, Straight line, Angles between two lines, Family of lines, Equation of lines the points of intersection of a line and to curve the origin.
Techniques of IntegrationFacts, Example, The 1st derivation test, Examples from Economics, Lecture note on integration, The fundamentals of a theorem of calculus.
Differential EquationsObjectives, Differential equation, Order &degree of a differential equation, Linear & non-linear differential equation, formation of a differential equation, Check your progress, General & particular solutions, and Differential order of the higher equation.
Laplace TransformBasics, Substitution, Power of sine & cosine, Trigonometric substitution, Integration by parts, Rational function, Numerical Integration, and Additional Exercise.

B Pharm Remedial Mathematics Motes pdf:

There are a total of 12 chapters divided into 5 units in B Pharmacy remedial mathematics 1st year whose notes pdf for B Pharm semester-1 is provided one by one below through Google Drive.

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FAQs on Remedial Mathematics Notes pdf:

Is remedial mathematics hard or easy?

Remedial mathematics in B pharmacy course is not so hard and will be quite easy especially if you have math’s in class 12th. The syllabus of remedial mathematics is not so large and mostly covers the topics that we need to study in 11th and 12th maths. One can easily go for it if they don’t have a math phobia.

Is there maths in B Pharmacy 1st year?

In B pharmacy 1st year (1st semester) there is around a total 6 subjects out of which in one subject you have to choose between remedial mathematics and remedial biology. In short, yes there is maths in B pharmacy in 1st year but it is optional.

Is remedial maths compulsory for B Pharmacy?

No, remedial maths is not compulsory in B pharmacy courses. You have to choose between remedial biology or remedial mathematics during the 1st semester of the course only.


At last, B pharmacy Remedial Mathematics Notes pdf is very helpful for all those students who have opted for mathematics in the 1st semester. These notes are to the point and cover the complete syllabus in a precious manner. In the notes pdf, you will also get practice problems and exercises with answers to make your concept strong and help you to score good marks in the exam. We hope you are able to download the pdf easily in case any issue arises then let us know by commenting below.

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