B Pharmacy Question Bank PDF Download Free [1st to 8th Semester]

Free Download B Pharm 1st to 8th Semester Question Banks PDF: Scoring good marks in exams needs a lot of practice of varieties of questions that help students in building their basic blocks of Concepts. Bachelor of Pharmacy, i.e., B. Pharm. is a 4 years program that allows students to learn Pharmacy and get familiar with the Pharmaceutical World, there are a total 8 semesters in which many different subjects of the Pharmacy field are taught.

Here in this particular post, we will talk about B. Pharma. Questions type, pattern, difficulty, etc., and at the end, you will be able the download the B. Pharmacy Question Banks in the PDF format separately for each semester from 1st to 8th.

B Pharmacy Question Bank

The B Pharmacy Question Bank of each subject contain question from the last 6-7 years. The Separate Question bank for each subject helps students to practice individual subject one by one in a personalized manner. Also, in each subject-wise question bank, the questions are categorized into three sections on the basis of their marks weightage as 2 marks Questions, 5 marks Questions, and 10 marks Questions.

In the Future, the Semester wise Answers of each subject will also be added, the work is in progress. So, till then download the B Pharm 1st to 8th Semester Question Banks PDF for free from here.

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How to download B Pharm Question Bank?

To download the B Pharmacy Question Bank for each semester and each Subject, you can follow the below given steps. With these steps, you will be able to download the Question Bank in the PDF format for Free. The Steps are

  • Step 01:-Β Search “B Pharmacy Question Bank PDF Download Free PharmaStudyaid” on the Google Search Bar.
  • Step 02:- Then a website “Pharmastudyaid.com” will appear on the top position or if not then scroll download to search the website.
  • Step 03:- Enter the website by clicking the post that appeared named B. Pharma Question Bank PDF Download
  • Step 04:-Β After entering the post, you will get there Semester as well as Subject-wise download links of B Pharmacy Question Bank are given there, which can be easily accessed by anyone.
  • Step 05:- Now, you can download the Questions Banks PDF one by one with the help of the given links.

Number of Papers in Each Semester of B Pharm

In the complete one session of B. Pharma, there are total 8 semesters and the number the papers studied in each semester is given in the table below.

S. No.B. Pharma SemestersNumber of Papers
πŸ”° 01.B. Pharmacy 1st Semester06
πŸ”° 02.B. Pharmacy 2nd Semester06
πŸ”° 03.B. Pharmacy 3rd Semester04
πŸ”° 04.B. Pharmacy 4th Semester05
πŸ”° 05.B. Pharmacy 5th Semester05
πŸ”° 06.B. Pharmacy 6th Semester06
πŸ”° 07.B. Pharmacy 7th Semester04
πŸ”° 08.B. Pharmacy 8th Semester12

Download B Pharm 1st to 8th Semester Question Banks PDF FREE

Download here B Pharm Question Bank of 1st to 8th semester in the PDF format for free. There are 8 tables prepared for each semester in which subjects’ names are mentioned with their question bank PDF download links in the same row.

B Pharm 1st Semester Question Bank PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 1st Semester SubjectsLanguageQuestion Bank
πŸ”°01.Human Anatomy and Physiology IEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°02.Pharmaceutical Analysis IEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°03.Pharmaceutics IEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°04.Pharmaceutical Inorganic ChemistryEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°05.Communication skillsEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°06.Remedial BiologyEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°07.Remedial MathematicsEnglishDownload PDF

B Pharm 2nd Semester Question Bank PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 2nd Semester SubjectsLanguageQuestion Bank
πŸ”°01.Human Anatomy and Physiology IIEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°02.Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry IEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°03.BiochemistryEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°04.PathophysiologyEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°05.Computer Applications in PharmacyEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°06.Environmental SciencesEnglishDownload PDF

B Pharm 3rd Semester Question Bank PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 3rd Semester SubjectsLanguageQuestion Bank
πŸ”°01.Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry IIEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°02.Physical Pharmaceutics IEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°03.Pharmaceutical MicrobiologyEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°04.Pharmaceutical EngineeringEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°05.Human Values and EthicsEnglishDownload PDF

B Pharm 4th Semester Question Bank PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 4th Semester SubjectsLanguageQuestions Bank
πŸ”°01.Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry IIIEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°02.Medicinal Chemistry IEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°03.Physical Pharmaceutics IIEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°04.Pharmacology IEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°05.Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry IEnglishDownload PDF

B Pharm 5th Semester Question Bank PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 5th Semester SubjectsLanguageQuestion Bank
πŸ”°01.Medicinal Chemistry IIEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°02.Industrial Pharmacy IEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°03.Pharmacology IIEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°04.Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry IIEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°05.Pharmaceutical JurisprudenceEnglishDownload PDF

B Pharm 6th Semester Question Bank PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 6th Semester SubjectsLanguageQuestion Bank
πŸ”°01.Medicinal Chemistry IIIEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°02.Pharmacology IIIEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°03.Herbal Drug TechnologyEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°04.Biopharmaceutics and PharmacokineticsEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°05.Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°06.Pharmaceutical Quality AssuranceEnglishDownload PDF

B Pharm 7th Semester Question Bank PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 7th Semester SubjectsLanguageQuestion Bank
πŸ”°01.Instrumental Methods of AnalysisEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°02.Industrial Pharmacy IIEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°03.Pharmacy PracticeEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°04.Novel Drug Delivery SystemEnglishDownload PDF

B Pharm 8th Semester Question Bank PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 8th Semester SubjectsLanguageQuestion Bank
πŸ”°01.Biostatistics and Research Methodology EnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°02.Social and Preventive Pharmacy EnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°03.Pharma Marketing Management EnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°04.Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science EnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°05.Pharmacovigilance EnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°06.Computer-Aided Drug Design EnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°07.Quality Control and Standardization of HerbalsEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°08.Cell and Molecular Biology EnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°09.Cosmetic Science EnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°10.Experimental Pharmacology EnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°11.Advanced Instrumentation TechniquesEnglishDownload PDF
πŸ”°12.Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals EnglishDownload PDF
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Hope, you like the Question Bank of B Pharmacy and it helps in your preparation. The questions bank is in subject-wise as well as semester-wise which allow you to access individually based on your need. In each subject-wise question Bank PDF the questions are divided into three parts on the basis of their weightage or marks they hold. This division helps students to prepare for the subject in an effective manner.

So, download the B Pharmacy Question Bank PDF from here and strengthen your preparation. If you really find this article informative and useful then kindly share it with your friends and bookmark our website. Also, if any queries or demands have been left in your mind then kindly let us know in the comment section below. Thank You!

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