B Pharmacy Notes PDF Free Download 2023

Students who are pursuing Bachelor’s in Pharmacy (B.Pharm) and needed notes for better understanding of the topics and to prepare well for the exam, will find this post very useful because in this post students will get the Complete Personalised B Pharmacy Handwritten Notes PDF Free for all semester of the course.

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B Pharmacy Notes PDF Free Download 2023

The notes provided here are handwritten notes which are prepared under a guidance of expert by a topper as per the latest syllabus of B. Pharma 2023 prescribed by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). As you all know there are total 8 semesters in B. Pharmacy and separate notes for each semester are provided here in the subject-wise format so that students can easily get the notes for their semesters without any hassle.

Why Our B pharmacy Notes Pdf 2023?

Handwritten Notes are a very important tool that helps students to understand the topics in very basic languages which results in better understanding of the topic which ultimate result into good marks. The provided B Pharmacy Notes in this post have some basic features that make these notes more valuable, which are

  • It is prepared as per the latest B Pharm 2023 Syllabus.
  • The Notes are prepared by subject experts who have year of experience in teaching Pharmacy.
  • The notes cover are entire syllabus.
  • The language of the notes is basic which helps to understand complex concepts very easily.
  • The B Pharm Notes are given subject-wise and semester-wise so that students can easily access what they are looking for.

How to download B Pharmacy Notes PDF?

If you are facing problems in downloading the B. Pharmacy Notes PDF provided in this post, then follow the steps given in sequence. And even after following these steps, if you are not able to download then feel free to comment below, and we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

  • Step 01: First click on the download link given in the corresponding row of the subject you are looking for to download the handwritten notes pdf in the table provided below in this article.
  • Step 02: You will be simply redirected to the handwritten Notes PDF of the particular subject.
  • Step 03: The notes will be open in your google drive so, to download the PDF click on the three dots located at the upright corner, where you will get the download option, so download and enjoy your preparation.

So, Let’s get Started.

B Pharmacy 1st Year Notes PDF Free Download

In the 1st Year of B Pharm, there are 2 semesters including 7 Papers in Semester 1 and 6 papers in Semester 2. In these 13 papers of both semesters, students deal with 12 kinds of Pharmacy subjects such as Human Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry, Communication skills, Remedial Biology, Remedial Mathematics, Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pathophysiology, Computer Applications in Pharmacy, and Environmental Sciences. Below, we have listed the complete B Pharmacy 1st Year Notes PDF subject-wise, so you can download them one by one serially.

B Pharmacy 1st Semester Handwritten Notes PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 1st Semester NotesLanguagePDF Links
πŸ”° 01.Human Anatomy and Physiology IEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 02.Pharmaceutical Analysis IEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 03.Pharmaceutics IEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 04.Pharmaceutical Inorganic ChemistryEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 05.Communication skillsEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 06.Remedial BiologyEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 07.Remedial MathematicsEnglishClick Here

B Pharmacy 2nd Semester Handwritten Notes PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 2nd Semester NotesLanguagePDF Links
πŸ”° 01.Human Anatomy and Physiology IIEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 02.Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry IEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 03.BiochemistryEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 04.PathophysiologyEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 05.Computer Applications in PharmacyEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 06.Environmental SciencesEnglishClick Here

B Pharmacy 2nd Year Notes PDF Free Download

There are total 8 subjects in the second year of B. Pharma. which are divided into 2 parts and studied in two semesters 3rd and 4th. There are 5 papers in each semester named Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 2, Physical Pharmaceutics 1, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Organic Chemistry 3, Physical Pharmaceutics 2, Medicinal Chemistry 1, Pharmacology 1, Pharmacognosy, and Phytochemistry. The handwritten Notes of each paper is provided below that can be accessed through the given links in the corresponding rows of each paper.

B Pharmacy 3rd Semester Handwritten Notes PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 3rd Semester NotesLanguagePDF Links
πŸ”° 01.Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry IIEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 02.Physical Pharmaceutics IEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 03.Pharmaceutical MicrobiologyEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 04.Pharmaceutical EngineeringEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 05.Human Values and EthicsEnglishClick Here

B Pharmacy 4th Semester Handwritten Notes PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 4th Semester NotesLanguagePDF Links
πŸ”° 01.Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry IIIEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 02.Medicinal Chemistry IEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 03.Physical Pharmaceutics IIEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 04.Pharmacology IEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 05.Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry IEnglishClick Here

B Pharmacy 3rd Year Notes PDF Free Download

Download the B. Pharma Notes PDF of 3rd year from here in a well-arranged manner. The notes of Semesters 5th and 6th include subjects like medicinal chemistry II, pharmacology II, industrial pharmacy I, pharmacognosy and photochemistry II, pharmaceutical jurisprudence, medicinal chemistry III, biotechnology, pharmacology III, quality assurance, etc.  

B Pharmacy 5th Semester Handwritten Notes PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 5th Semester NotesLanguagePDF Links
πŸ”° 01.Medicinal Chemistry IIEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 02.Industrial Pharmacy IEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 03.Pharmacology IIEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 04.Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry IIEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 05.Pharmaceutical JurisprudenceEnglishClick Here

B Pharmacy 6th Semester Handwritten Notes PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 6th Semester NotesLanguagePDF Links
πŸ”° 01.Medicinal Chemistry IIIEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 02.Pharmacology IIIEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 03.Herbal Drug TechnologyEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 04.Biopharmaceutics and PharmacokineticsEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 05.Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 06.Pharmaceutical Quality AssuranceEnglishClick Here

B Pharmacy 4th Year Notes PDF Free Download

To prepare for the final 4th year of B. Pharma, the good quality subject-wise notes are provided here in the PDF format. The Handwritten notes are prepared for each subject Instrumental Method of Analysis, Industrial Pharmacy II, Pharmacy Practice, Biostatistics & Research Methodology, and Pharma Marketing Management, of semesters 7th and 8th help students to understand the concepts in very easy student-friendly language. Click on the corresponding links to download the B Pharmacy Notes PDF.

B Pharmacy 7th Semester Handwritten Notes PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 7th Semester NotesLanguage PDF Links
πŸ”° 01.Instrumental Methods of AnalysisEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 02.Industrial Pharmacy IIEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 03.Pharmacy PracticeEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 04.Novel Drug Delivery SystemEnglishClick Here

B Pharmacy 8th Semester Handwritten Notes PDF Download

S. No.B. Pharma 8th Semester NotesLanguagePDF Links
πŸ”° 01.Biostatistics and Research MethodologyEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 02.Social and Preventive PharmacyEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 03.Pharma Marketing ManagementEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 04.Pharmaceutical Regulatory ScienceEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 05.PharmacovigilanceEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 06.Computer-Aided Drug DesignEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 07.Quality Control and Standardization of HerbalsEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 08.Cell and Molecular BiologyEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 09.Cosmetic ScienceEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 10.Experimental PharmacologyEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 11.Advanced Instrumentation TechniquesEnglishClick Here
πŸ”° 12.Dietary Supplements and NutraceuticalsEnglishClick Here

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Final Thoughts on B Pharmacy Notes PDF Download

To master each subject of B Pharmacy needs a crystal clear concept and enough practice of varieties of Questions and in this post, you will get a quality Handwritten Notes PDF that can be downloaded from the given links for free which help you clear your concept. The Complete B Pharmacy 1st to 4th year Notes are available here, following the latest syllabus of 2023.

To get more such kind of study material for free bookmark the website PharmaStudyaid and share the article with friends. For any queries and demands contact us in the comment section. Thank You!

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